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When it comes to blogs, I definitely didn't see myself as a 'Blogger' but after reading so many great blogs that cover a variety of different topics and from different personalities of people- I thought I would give it a go as its a great way to connect with like-minded people!!

I thought a good first one would be to allow people to get to know me! I have always been involved in the animal world- from helping charities to being very fortunate enough to get to work with some great companies however I have ALWAYS wanted my own company, something that is mine, that I can watch grow and allows me- as a dog trainer and lover to help other people out there in the community too!

Recently circumstances changed for me and although at the time, it felt like the end of the world- I soon realised that this could be the chance for me to work hard & develop Jebel Dogs! Don't get me wrong- it is hard, really hard and I face challenges daily but I am incredibly lucky to have such great support behind me and my Jebel Dog Dream

The idea of these blogs is to hopefully bring something to any of you that read it! Whether that be a useful bit of information, a handy training tip or something to make you smile about we want to bring something positive to your day ( We can't promise there won't be the odd rant through!)

You will all have to bare with me- I'm new to this remember!!

Keep safe & Keep positive everyone!

Megan & her Trio of Jebel Dogs! xxxxx

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