Meet The Pack

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Megan Barrett

Megan has been heavily involved in the canine world since a young age where she was running her own rescue shelter and taking on the role of training the rescue dogs herself. Megan loves working with owners and their dogs to help them achieve their goals. Megan has vast experience in all different breeds of dogs and can help with numerous different behavioural and obedience issues. You will see Megan a lot in the 1-2-1's & group classes. 










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One of Lola's favourite activities is doing agility - especially flying over jumps! When she isn't doing agility she is learning new tricks with Iola or often caught cuddling up with her cat brother - Ziggy (Even though she tries to tell us he cuddles up to her!!) Lola loves the attention she gets while out and about for her infectious Staffie smile!! 

Agility Superstar
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Iola Nell Grant

Social Media Manager & Trainer

Iola has always been around animals especially dogs - this is clear when she is working with them. Her calm and gentle nature puts dogs at ease which allows them to progress in their training with her. Iola is also our social media manager and ensures that clients are kept up to date with all the Jebel Dogs news! Iola's favourite line of training is the training walks - which allows her to build a bond with the dogs while helping them work on their training requirements.

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Bella herself is a 'Jebel Dog' and was a rescue from the streets in the Middle East. Bella has grown from a nervous puppy to a great young dog who thrives from showing off her tricks to anyone who will watch and gets a thrill from the praise she gets! Bella is always ready to receive kisses and love!! 

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Queen of Dog Confidence Building

Xena is quite often seen helping Megan with training clients as she has a very calm attitude and even the most reactive dogs learn to relax around her. Xena also keeps dogs company on their walks when requested by their owners. There is nothing better in the world than a training Flirt pole or a ball for Xena 

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Chief Sun Worshiper

The Original Jebel Girl- Fudge! Fudges favourite hobby is finding the tiniest patch of sun and sunbathing! Even though Fudge is small she still enjoys coming out on adventures (although sometimes she does have to be carried in her little sling!)

Founder & Head Trainer
Cuddle Monster & Trickster